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Developing every year for more than 20 years, our sports schools are the most important sportive activity of Taçspor. Under the management of our professional trainers, special programs are implemented to support the physical and mental development of 500 children between the ages of 05-12. While teaching children basic skills in football, tennis, basketball, swimming, gymnastics and many other branches, our sports schools also provide a funny and motivating environment.

At our Sports Schools, not only we teach children sports skills but also support them on their path to success with our programs that emphasize important values such as discipline, team spirit, leadership and self-confidence.

Our projects for 2024
- To expand tennis teams and to establish U16 and U18 teams.
- To establish Physiotherapy Centre within the club to serve our members and athletes.

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We invite you to an experience full of our exciting events! We are waiting for sports enthusiasts and participants of all ages who love sports. Join us and experience an unforgettable event!


Main objective of Taçspor Volleyball School, which has been operating since 2014 for young athletes between the ages of 8 and 16, is to train athletes for youth setups of clubs, especially of Galatasaray.


With its football academy, Taçspor Club focuses on discovering young talents and training athletes for the A teams of Galatasaray and all other football clubs.